Why a Degree

Why a Degree

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Why a Graduate Degree?

University of Phoenix
Com 515

December 30, 2008

Why a Graduate Degree?
I have come to a crossroads in my professional career in which I had to decide if pursuing a Master’s Degree will be beneficial at this point and time. Understandably higher education may improve my probabilities of obtaining a better position in the Federal Government but never can guarantee my staying power. I believe that a graduate degree will improve my leadership and business skills.
In my almost 20 years of experience in the healthcare services I have had the opportunity to meet excellent entrepreneurs who have a business savvy that you simply can’t acquire in school but I have also met excellent career professionals that have the knowledge, skills and abilities to become outstanding leaders. I initially followed the first road but it quickly came apparent that academics do play a serious role in business especially when we talk about compensation for services. Sincerely I never got around to doing it. By profession I am a Dietitian and have grown in my field clinically and administratively developing program protocols and setting national standards for my profession. Currently I hold a position as Clinical Dietitian for VA Caribbean Healthcare System which has afforded me the opportunity to hone my managerial skills and leadership development with in-house programs. I also currently am serving as a Puerto Rico Delegate for the American Dietetic Association as well as a Diversity subcommittee member. Throughout my networking experience I have learned that all of my colleagues in these associations have Master’s Degree’s or higher. I know that I have gained the same notoriety as them without this degree but I ask myself what if I had a graduate degree what may happen. So I decided to get my degree, it’s that simple.

A graduate degree in administration will provide me a firm base to build and better develop my leadership style and significantly...

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