Descriptive Research Designs

Descriptive Research Designs

Descriptive Research
Figure 7.1 A Classification of Survey Methods Based on Method of Administration

Survey Methods




Traditional Telephone

Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing


Mall Intercept

Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing

Mail Interview

Mail Panel


TYPE OF INTERVIEW Door-to-Door Executive Interview Mall Intercept Central Location Telephone Interview

Different Survey Approaches Commonly Used in Marketing Research
DESCRIPTION Interviewer interviews consumer in consumer’s home Interview industrial product user (e.g. , engineer, architect, doctor, executive) or decision maker at place of business regarding industrial product. Interviewer interviews consumer in shopping mall or other high-traffic location. Interviews may be done in public areas of the mall or the respondent may be taken to a private test area. Interviewing is conducted from a telephone facility set up for that purpose. These facilities typically have equipment that permits the supervisor to unobtrusively monitor the interviewing while it is taking place. Some of these facilities have Wide Area Telephone Service (WATS) to permit national sampling from a single location. An increasing number have computer-assisted interviewing capabilities. At these locations the interviewer sits in front of a computer terminal attached to a mainframe or a personal computer. The questionnaire is programmed into the computer. The interviewer enters responses directly. Used increasingly, particularly in the mall environment. The consumer is seated at a computer terminal or personal computer. The questionnaire is programmed into the computer and the consumer is, in essence, interviewed by the computer. Most frequently employed at high-traffic locations such as shopping malls or in captive audience situations such as classrooms and airplanes. Respondents are given general information on...

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