Research and Design

Research and Design

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Research Design and Statistics Concepts Worksheet

University of Phoenix

Research Design and Statistics Concepts Worksheet
|Concept |Application of Concept in Scenario |Reference to Concept in Reading |
|Four Levels of Measurements: |Refer to Small Business Card Instrument in the simulation. |(Lind, et al, 2004, |
|Nominal |Newest board member of USA World Bank, Ms. Bea formed the |pp. 10-13) |
|Ordinal |“statistical significant of the sample size and its practical| |
|Interval |value. The emphasis on the levels of measurements, which Ms.| |
|Ratio |Bea stated Nominal is just a name referred to numbers given | |
| |to football players. For the nominal level of measurement | |
| |observations of a qualitative variable can only be classified| |
| |and counted. Gender is another example of the nominal level | |
| |of measurement. Ordinal data is like the finishers in a | |
| |marathon. Ordinal data there is an order to the numbers but | |
| |they are not equally spaced. Ordinal data has a higher rate | |
| |of...

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