Discrimination in Denial

Discrimination in Denial

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Davis 1

In Denial: Discrimination

Being descriminated is not always easy. Everyone goes through

descrimination daily, whether if it's because of race, sex, gender and or choice.

Race is always the biggest issue especially in school. Teens and young children

go through race discrimination which lowers their self-esteem and about 1 out 7

of those children have had thoughts about suicide. Some ways to help these

young children and young adults is counseling and or therapy. Teachers

discriminate students based on their race as if its the childs fault that they are

that certain race. Teachers shouldnt discriminate students they should treat them

all equally and provide the help that the student needs to keep their self esteem

at a higher level than suicide. Another place that deals with discrimination and is

an issue is in the workplace. Employer's and employee's discriminate their co-

workers because of their ethnic background. Shouldn't someone be telling these

people that discrimination is hurtful and lowers peoples self-confidence. In the

workplace they should provide equal rights and the same oppurtunities to

everyone and shouldnt discriminate for any reason. They should provide

couseling for minorities as well as every other race. Some ways to block out the

discrimination is to ignore it and go on about your business and act in a calm

collective manner about the situation and if the situation seems to bother you

more, go to someone of a higher level in the company and let them know that it's

becoming a problem. This may help the situation more so than just ignoring it as

if nothing happend. Other places and issues where discrimination is the case is

with scholarship oppurtunities. Scholarships are offered to alot of people but the

one where it deals with discrimination is the Scholarship For Minorities. Many

people have tried this case in the judicial system to see...

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