Discussion of Results

Discussion of Results

Discussion of Results:

The seven year old I was doing the experiment with was not familiar with me, in fact I rarely saw her. I chose her with a purpose so that I can see things objectively. Of course, by doing this also meant that I needed an ice breaker and that's why I showed her a funny clip.

Before I started the experiments with the boy, I showed him a short funny clip and then proceeded with the below experiment. When I finished, before he left, I asked him what does he remember about what we did today and he replied that he enjoyed the video clip we saw at the beginning and seemed to forget the rest. This proved Piaget's theory that children in the pre operational period tend to focus on one detail and forget the event as a whole.

As part of the experiments I showed him a funny clip and before he left I asked him to tell me what he remembered mostly, from the time we had passed together. He remembered the cartoon character which I had shown him for another experiment.

Owen: I started the exercise with showing the child a funny clip lasting about ten minutes. The child really enjoyed this Paperissima clip as he laughed and commented on it from time to time. At the end of the clip I just asked the child if he enjoyed watching it and the child replied positively and the fact that he mentioned some of the funny situations in the clip showed me that the child did watch the clip with attention.

After the funny clip, I introduced the first exercise; I presented her a paper which there was a "spiral" on it. I asked the girl to begin from the inside and move towards the outer layer just like any spiral game. The girl said that this game was very easy and she began. After a couple of minutes trying this out, she told me that there was something wrong and this work cannot be carried out.

At first the 6 year old boy thought it was very easy and he was convinced that he would succeed in doing it. However he got very...

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