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Jessica Bruce
South University

Main Title: Theft in a Work Place

A couple of years ago I worked for Wal-Mart as a cashier. I would see a lot of things happen right in front of me. People taking cloths, makeup, jewelry, electronics, anything that could fix in a purse or in their pockets. I talked to the store manager about it and they told me that you could not talk to them that you had to get a shift manager or whoever was in charge. But when you see someone putting items into their pockets and you can’t confront them because Wal-Mart Managers have to catch them doing it.
Watching people steal thing from a store is rarely done because of need, greed, or poverty, it is usually to common life situations and someone’s ability (or inability) to cope. Shoplifters like to get something for nothing, or are often people who are depressed, frustrated, anxious, influenced by peers, thrill seekers, or kleptomaniacs. These people know what is right from wrong and are usually just “normal” people who are struggling with personal conflicts and needs. All of them have the money to pay for the items, but they continue to steal anyways, people take the items that they don’t need and don’t use.
Employee’s attitudes have changed because they don’t know what to do when they see people stealing items right in front of them. When you tell a manager that you seen this they don’t do anything about it. This is very frustrating.
Employee’s satisfaction is very low because we can’t do anything about it.
Employee’s personality has changed of trying to help the store make sure that is nothing coming up missing. But when you see it you can’t do anything about what you saw.
Employee’s values I think that it would be making sure that they are at work and doing what they are there at the store helping people that need it.


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