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Ankit Patel

Date: 20 September, 2008

Thing That I Remember a Lot

Everyone has something that they can not forget in
any way. That’s what I want to tell you something about my personal
experience which I can’t forget. It was a bad experience in my life.
At that time, I was nervous and not able do think about any thing.

It was a summer time, and we enjoyed our summer vacation.
Collage was going to start in July, so we all are preparing for that
in advance because it was an important year of my collage education.
We were serious about that particular year because our senior told us
that it was very difficult to pass this year. In his year, we had to
make a project presentation, and we had an oral exam. We all were
worry about it and tried to find some way to pass this year.

In a mean time my collage started, and we were busy with our
collage work. One day our professor told something about project
presentation, so we were socked because we had to submit that
presentation at the end of this year and it was just the starting of
the collage summer term. The professor told us that the due date for
this project was two

week after this week. So we were trying to find some interesting
topic. After several days, we were decided to give project on
“Tsunami”. Now we started to get information from different sources,
such as a newspaper, a magazine, an internet etc. Then we were trying
to put information in a sequence. Now we were making a PowerPoint
slide to make our presentation creative and attractive. We split our
project in some part and selected each portion for each member in
group. Now we were ready to give presentation on the Tsunami.

Finally, our professor told us about the date on which we
had to give presentation on our topic. I was so nervous and...

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