Drawbacks for Having a Fixed Set of Tender Procedures

Drawbacks for Having a Fixed Set of Tender Procedures

Same set of tender procedures cannot fit all procurement requests and poor outcome may occur.

Firstly, the whole process for tender is time-consuming as many steps have to be gone through and quite a number of parties are involved for approval, which may cause the problem of inefficiency and is unable to cater for urgent projects. While from the employees’ perspective, they may think that these procedures are rigid and cumbersome and they are tired of adopting the procedures. In this way, new initiatives for tender invitation are discouraged and the employees will not voice out until the last minute. For example, the staffs realize the need for upgrading their machine to improve work efficiency and performance. However, they are not willing to adopt the complicated procurement procedures, so they just keep silent and stick with the current situation, which affects the workplace performance negatively.

Besides, not all potential vendors are keen on such complicated tender application. New vendors and those who failed to win the previous tender may finally decide not to fight for the tender. In this way, opportunities of getting a better deal may be lost. Also, as difficult parties are involved in the tender selection, the selected one may not fully meet the end users’ expectation and needs, in turn, workplace performance cannot be enhanced to the greatest extend.

In addition, detailed specifications are set by end users and are listed clearly in the tender documents to facilitate apple-to-apple comparison, which limits creativity.

Ways to transform the disabling ones to enabling ones

In fact, rules, regulations and procedures are initially designed to enhance work performance. But sometimes, they are seen as inhibiting. What we should do is to turn them into enabling ones.

Firstly, we can customize the tender documents for different departments or projects. Moreover, there should be a set of simplified procedure for urgent tender. And we can...

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