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1242.3263.01 – אסטרטגיה תפעולית
סמסטר א' – תשע"ה

שם המרצה: ד"ר נועם שמיר
שעות לימוד: יום ג', 15:45-18:30 (מחצית שנייה)
שעות הקבלה: יום ג', 14:30-15:30
דואר אלקטרוני: nshamir@post.tau.ac.il

Module and Description
Required Readings
Module 1: Operations Strategy
Introduction to Operations
Aligning Strategy and Operations. Focus

MBPF, Chapters 1, 2
Case: Shouldice Hospital Limited

Product-Process Matrix

Module 2: Process Analysis & Applications
Process Measures and Little’s Law
Case: Wriston Manufacturing

MBPF, Chapter 3

Process Flow Analysis. Targeting Improvement

Flow Time & Capacity Analysis
MBPF, Chapters 4, 5
Case: CRU Computer Rental
Case: Pizza Pazza

CRU Computer

Preparing for peak demand

Module 3: Lean Operations
House Building Game

Case: National Cranberry Cooperative (NCC)

Paradigm of Lean Operations
Lean Operations for Product Variety

MBPF, Chapter 10: Sections 10.1–10.4
Case: Toyota Motor Manufacturing
Excel exercise: The Dice Game

Module 4: Service Operations Management
Capacity, Queueing and Flow Time Analysis
Evaluation of service systems
Design of service systems (Pooling vs.
Segregation, Specialization vs. Flexibility)
Priority (Fast Track)
The impact of limited buffers

MBPF: Chapter 8.
Case: The BAT case

The BAT case
Module 5: Supply Chain Management
Inventory Basics
Optimal Service Level Economies of Scale

MBPF, Chapter 7: Section 7.3
Case: Palü Gear
MBPF, Chapter 6

* There are optional readings not listed here. See detailed syllabus and course web site.

1. Course Description and Objectives
This course covers selected topics in operations management. Operations management is the management of business processes, that is, the...

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