effects of mass media

effects of mass media

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Effects of Mass Media Worksheet

Write 250- to 350-word answers to each of the following questions in the matrix:

What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during the 20th century?
The Radio was the first major form of communication in America. First used by the military it then became the form for family entertainment for many years to come. The next major development was the television. The television at first was not the clearest picture and was only about the size of a postage stamp but if you look at television then and know with the black and white and blurry picture it has advanced and come a very long ways. The telephone was another invention that started out being a landline rotary dial phone to now where most everyone has given up home phones and use cell phones in their everyday lives. Then you go from the daily newspaper to now having all the information you could possibly want right at your fingertips. The computer has made researching and doing most everything that you need to do so much easier and finding information much faster as well as finding more accurate information as needed. Now that there is Television with live broadcasts, to media sites such as face book it is much easier for people to get information to and from the proper people and from the right sources. Many things have evolved since and will only continue to do so.
How did each development influence American culture?
Now with the advancements that we have in today’s day in age it cane me a good thing, as well as a bad thing at the same time. The plus side to the developments is that with the many advancements you can now get news much faster. It is always nice to know what is going on in the world around you. It is also nice to know the weather as well as if there are any events going on. The down side is that violence is a major thing that comes with the media. Today’s youth are influenced by...

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