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Electricity is used for many purposes such as light , powering electronics of all sorts. Electricians repair or install new wiring, in homes buisness's, and machinry.They also can maintain robotic machines.

The education that would best benefit somebody looking at becoming an Electrician would be an four or five year apprenticeshipm thise gives them a knowlege for all aspecs of the trade. Most of the large appredticship require 144 hours of in class and 8000 hours of on job training over the course. They require that your 18 and have a high school deploma or G.E.D. They also have to pass the test once they finish schooling which consists of the Electrical theory, National ELectrical Code, and the local eletic and building codes befor they get there licienes.

The skills you would need can be learned on the job but its better to all ready know how to read a rule or tape messuare, and be able to work work with tools of all kinds. The job also requires you to stand for long periods of time, or even crawl into tight spots so. Another skill that is good is being able to do simple mental math quick, and generaly good with there hands.

The median pay for an Electrician who is not self empolyeed is around 550 dollers weekly, the lowest would make 317 a week, and the highest is around 887 dollers weekly. The factors that would make the pay higher or lower would be how well know they are, the quality of the work, how fast the work is done, and it depends on which Electrical work they do. Health benefits and risks, the benefits depend upon the employer in which the Electrician has. The main health risk an Electrician faces is electrical shock.

The employment outlook is good if you go into eather side, the construction side they are allways building new homes and need somebody to wire them, the maintance side there is always buisness's that need somebody to take care of there machines or wire new ones. And the growth of they job is steadly rising.

The typical...

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