COIT 20248: Information Systems Analysis and Design
Term 3, 2015
Assessment 1 - Systems Development

Lecturer: Azra Ahmedi
Tutor: Azra Ahmedi

Prepared by:
Student Name: Taha Boutorabi
Student Number: S0277438
Due Date: 24th December 2015

Table of Contents

1 Introduction 2
1.1 Aim of the project 2
1.2 Project objectives 2
2 Approach to Systems Development 3
3 Systems Requirements 4
3.1 functional requirements 4
3.2 non-functional requirements 5
4. Project Cost Benefit Analysis 5
4.1 Discuss the Project Cost Benefit Analysis 5
4.2 excel spread sheet with details in a Project Cost Benefit Analysis 8
5. Project Schedule 9
5.1 Gantt Chart with work breakdown structure and discuss relationship of each other 9
5.2 System goals, requirements, scop and verifying project schedule reasonable or not 10
6. System Information Requirement Investigation Techniques 11
6.1 List of stakeholders 11
6.2 Choice of three most useful investigation techniques 11
6.3 Justification of these investigation techniques. 11
7.Reflections and Conclusions 12
8. References 13

1 Introduction

1.1 Aim of the project

The aim of this project is to create a new information system for EIA (Education in Australia). This new system will improve the current business processes by introducing more automation whilst reducing or eliminating paper-based functions. The new system will also achieve more efficiency my eliminating duplication, reducing space requirements for paper based records and providing easy, fast and concurrent access to student records and other files.

1.2 Project objectives

To develop a computer based solution for EIA and helping them to create a new system we will follow certain objectives. Our objective includes Methodology (Agile, JAD and PD), techniques and tools. Methodology is a proven standard set of steps which is a guideline to develop a new information system (Valacich, George &...

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