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My mixed strategies essay follows a quiet guy who just wants to be left alone. He lives in a very rough neighborhood in the city and all he wants to do is go to work quietly and without someone noticing. Every day while he is on his way to his job, he witnesses someone getting beat up and mugged. He goes about this business for some time, until he sees a young man try and beat up a little kid. At this time he realizes he has to do something and he scares the older guy away. He becomes a local hero and never goes back to being a loner.

William Hannah
Sharla Amick
College English
September 30, 2014
Unwilling Hero
It was just an ordinary day for Matt at first. He was going to work like he always did early in the morning. Matt had traveled this same route to work for almost a year now. Nothing had ever stopped him from showing up on time. It was a relatively quiet commute for someone to take. There had never even been one single accident along the way and Matt liked it that way. He never talked to anybody along the way and stayed almost entirely to himself. The only time Matt talked to anybody was when he bought the morning newspaper, and that was just to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’. Matt would buy the newspaper and board a bus until it stopped directly in front of his office building. He would walk into his office very discretely and pray that nobody would notice him. Matt was a loner and never wanted anything else. However, today would be the day that changed the life of Matt for the better.
Matt had never been one to seek out fame and glory. He had never wanted to be the hero that saved the day. He went through his life trying not to be noticed or seen. Matt always shied away from any kind...

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