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Dr. Strickland Instructions for English 1102 Research Paper


1. The research project must be on a literary topic, preferably on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. If you choose one of the suggested topics, narrow it down; if you wish to write on a different topic, check with me before you begin for approval. I must approve the topic before you write the paper; a paper turned in that is not on literature or that is on a topic I did not approve will receive a grade of zero!

2. The paper must be typed (or done on a word processor). It must include:

*A cover sheet in correct research-paper format, with your name and the other necessary information correctly displayed

*a body of at least six pages (minimum of 1500 words)

*a Works Cited page in correct MLA format; you need at least four sources. If you have only four, then only one can be from the Internet. Please do NOT use Wikipedia or a general encyclopedia or a dictionary as a source.

There is no maximum length and no maximum number of sources.

3. Citations must be in standard MLA format for parenthetical citations and works cited notes; works must be cited in the paper in order to be listed on the works cited page. You need a minimum of four sources. If you have only four, then only one can be an Internet source; the other three must be print sources (and GALILEO sources count as print sources). If you have more than four, then you may have more Internet sources. Be careful about these, though; Wikipedia has been proven to be a sometimes inaccurate source, for example! Do not use a dictionary as a source. Do not use a general encyclopedia at all (too broad); a specialized encyclopedia like The Encyclopedia of British Literature is acceptable, though.

4. Be sure you understand what is being asked of you. This research paper is an essay; here are some things it is NOT:
It isn't a report. It CANNOT be simply a biography or a plot summary of the play, or a...

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