Evaluating Topic Sentences

Evaluating Topic Sentences

 Evaluating Topic Sentences

1. The increasing cost of a college education is reducing enrollment in private institutions.

This topic sentence is not unified, it has two subjects, enrollment and cost.

2. During my senior year in high school, I had some very interesting trips.

This topic sentence lacks precision, interesting is too neutral an attitude.

3. The invasion of Fort Lauderdale by hundreds of college students during the spring vacation results in pollution of that city’s beaches.

This does not have the necessary restriction, it is too broad to be manageable and would be more effective if it focused on a single, specific one of the beaches.

4. An educated electorate is necessary in a democracy.

This lacks restriction, it does not have an attitude, there is no author opinion offered.

5. Good housing is hard to find. The rents are too high, and the locations are undesirable.

This lacks the necessary unity, it has two subjects, both rent and location.

6. The evils of professionalism in college athletics should be considered.

This topic sentence does not have the precision needed, it is missing the necessary attitude, because it is written too neutrally; the word “considered” is too neutral.

7. The United Nations organization has major weaknesses and cannot prevent a war between major powers.

Major weakness is the subject of this topic sentence, but it does not have the specificity, or precision, necessary. It should name and focus on one specific weakness instead.

8. I have entered college with mixed emotions

This lacks the precision needed, the subject “mixed emotions” is not specific enough.

9. The war in Vietnam is over.

This lacks unity, because there is no attitude.

10. Tuning your car can be enjoyable and economical.

This topic sentence lacks unity because it has two attitudes, enjoyable and economical.

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