Factors to Consider in Team Conflicts

Factors to Consider in Team Conflicts

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A major setback to any team is when one of its team members is unreliable or just decides to give up and quit. When a team is formed, there are many expectations formed from each team member. Each member expects the other to “carry their load”. On the other hand, the opposite happens. For one reason or another, one or more of the team members will not take their assignments seriously. They will either not complete the work on time or just not show up at all. Other times, they will just quit. This, in turn, adds more pressure to the remaining team members.

Sometimes, team members face either financial or family burdens. These burdens can sometimes cause someone’s focus to be inhibited. Projects and commitments will not be met if ones focus is not on the responsibilities to the team. Foreseen financial or family problems should be brought to the team so that further preparation is taken to circumvent the inability of a team member. The major conflicts occur when the problems are brought up too late, which leaves the other members little time to react.

Some people do not work well with people. Being in a team heightens the shyness or inability to work with others. Rather than state this point, a non-responding attitude takes place. The member will not call, return calls, or do anything with the team. Team members become irritated and disassociate themselves from the other team member.

In conclusion, there are numerous conflicts that may arise when teaming individuals together with different backgrounds, race, religion, beliefs, opinions, morals, and attitudes. We are all made differently and, therefore, handle situations differently. The key ingredient along with the common denominator for resolving all conflicts is communication. No one is a mind reader. Unless a team member expresses concerns or problems that may arise with completing a project, everyone will be in the “dark”. More will be...

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