Facts About Teen Suicide: Causes of Teenage Suicide

Facts About Teen Suicide: Causes of Teenage Suicide

Facts About Teen Suicide: Causes of Teenage Suicide
Suicide is the third leading cause of death for teenagers especially between ages 15 to 19. Though teen suicides are more like an impulsive act lacking maturity, there is no way you can justify people around them who fail to notice or downplay their cries for love, attention and help. What is it that drives the teens to believe that life is too difficult to deal with? Lets have a look…

Adolescence has always been a period of confusion with varying temperaments where teens have to deal with academic, social and individual pressures. Additional stress factors like violence in the family, poor performance, fear of punishment, rivalry etc can make them feel there is nothing to live for. Teen suicides are like precious lives turned futile causing an irreparable loss to the individual as well his close concerns.

Feelings that need to be addressed
Death is chosen because suffering becomes intolerable. (as per the teen perception) There is little hope for change, improvement or possibility of a better future with the life that they experience. They have an easy solution in mind i.e death means no pain. Most of the teen suicidal attempts are consequences of improper dealing with feelings of depression.

Facts about Teen Suicide
* Clear warning signs precede suicides in more than 90% of cases
* More suicides occur because of depression than being afflicted by fatal diseases
* Not all teenagers who commit suicide are mentally ill
* Possibility of completing a suicide increases with the number of attempts
* Most teen suicides can be prevented by effective communication and psychotherapy
* Pay attention to the post depressive period, when the individual looks near normal, it could be an unsafe period
Causes of Teenage Suicide
* Disharmony in the family
* Unhealthy or abusive relationship or break-up
* Alcohol or drug abuse
* Feelings of anger and guilt

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