Fiftysomething and Graduate School

Fiftysomething and Graduate School

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“Fifty Something” and Graduate School
Bart Neely
Management February 2, 2010

I am old enough to be a card carrying member of AARP, I recently made a decision to carry my education forward, to provide a challenge I have been in need of for years, to do what it takes and earn that Holy Grail of the business world, an MBA. My decision to do this is not pure motivation on a personal level, but it is the top reason. When I was in my 30s, I never dreamed I would be taking classes toward an MBA, let alone have a four year degree and then making a living as a white-collar man. My father always made a good living using his hands, more than his mind. He taught me the importance of respect and working hard and I followed that advice and his footsteps as a printer for years after high school. An injury year’s ago left me facing a dilemma, how, and what I do to make a living. Because of the damage done from my injury, it was not going to be with a blue-collar on my shirt. My choice was to go to college and arrive at a degree. Business was not my initial choice, I started out with the idea I would end up with a degree in computer science.

This was a difficult decision to make. It seemed even harder for my friends and family to adjust their comfort level with who they knew me to be. Their perception of my personality and what I was about to do did not fit “square peg in round hole,” and it is possible that they had reason to be confused as evidenced by my recent, Jungian 16 type personality assessment:
“Sociable, fun-loving, spontaneous and very generous. Possible career as an events coordinator, musician, ER nurse, fund raiser or comedian.”
This appraisal even had me wondering why I am here and if I made the wrong decision years ago to choose a career in business. I find the results interesting, because I find the aspects spelled out in the appraisal accurate, but I obviously missed the mark when it came to a career choice. I think my choices...

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