First Car Exp

First Car Exp

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What most sixteen or seventeen year olds would agree on, is that nothing that can beat the excitement that comes with driving for the first time. A heady mix of emotions: fear, dread, excitement, the feeling of independence, of's all there. Once you get behind the wheel of the car for the first time, you know you have taken that first step to adulthood. And nothing says "I'm an adult" better than being seated in the drivers seat.

I had recently gotten my learners permit. And I'd been itching to drive since. Neither of my parent's drive, so when my uncle amiably offered to teach me, I was beside myself with excitement. As I awakened at 6:00 A.M, I groggily rolled out of bed. I stuck my hand in my closet, my eyes still closed, and put on the first pair of clothes that had fallen into my arms. Finally, the day had come... I was going to drive. As this idea sank in, my imagination went wild thinking of all the things I could do now, places I could go without having to depend on anyone. With these thoughts percolating my mind, I immediately walked over to my uncle's house. After knocking for what seemed to me like ten minutes, which in reality was probably only one or two, my aunt finally opened the door. After congratulating me on getting my learners permit, she informed me that my uncle was still getting dressed. So I took a bowl of cereal as I comfortably sat down in their recently redone kitchen. I could barely sit still through breakfast, watching my uncle eat as if this was just another day. Finally he finished his coffee, grabbed his jacket and said those magic words, "Let's go!"

In a flash I grabbed the car keys, where I had oh so casually set them next to my cereal bowl, and headed for the door. My feet had wings as I sped to his shiny black Lincoln waiting patiently in the driveway. I opened the door and sighed with contentment. This was it! In just a few seconds I would be driving! I smiled broadly at my uncle as he walked towards the...

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