Good Human Is Always Loved

Good Human Is Always Loved

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A good human is always loved, respected, admired by the other person. That is also the reason why through centuries, humanity has always wanted to be a good human in all fields. But to become a good human is not easy. It has to start from the bottom of their heart, otherwise it like a fugitive bird. The more we run after it the farther it flies from us. Quality of good human is something relative. It depends on how people feel about it. The conceptions of its are many and various. In my opinion, the most important qualities of a good human are: kind-hearted, tolerant and responsible for themselves, society.

Kind-hearted is a good quality of a good human that we can realize easily because it is the action which bring fun, happiness for the others and for themselves. When anyone have a kind-hearted they will be ready to help the people who have difficult circumstance or disable. They love by the heart, help by vital action not by word. They usually sympathize with unlucky life. They help everyone and don’t expect anything return because to them this is happiness, responsibility, useful thing that they need to do. There are many ways to help. However, how to help meaningfully is still a big question. For example, helping the poor not only mean provide them with enough food for the meals and clothes to keep warm but also make opportunities for them to overcome difficult life and have a stable job. Many ideas said that sometimes they help the others because of their individual purpose not for conscience. It is a sad thing for our society. As a result, kind-hearted is a good quality and a good way to prove person whether they are good person or not.

Besides kind-hearted, tolerant is also a important quality of a good human. Because tolerant will help them have another view to life. They know how to share and sympathize with unlucky person. They always judge anything with positive view, ready to tolerate with worthless mistakes. They are not jealous of others’...

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