Green Is Only for the Public Image 

Green Is Only for the Public Image 

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English Essay 

November 21, 2012 

Green Is Only For the Public Image 

People hear about companies going green and they automatically assume that they

are actually helping the environment while they are not. Not all companies may be

deceiving the consumer; some actually attempt to help the environment and try to

make the world a better place. More importantly, there exist many firms that go

“green” for its own sake not the consumers’. There are three reasons to why

companies do what they do to improve their status among other

firms; to increase their revenues, increase in number of consumers, and get discounts

from sponsors that advertise their products.   

For companies to make a great deal of money they obviously need to develop

original ideas for their products. Let’s use Google for example, one would find

it strange that an internet company can make money by going green until one would

consider the amount of electricity data used to keep the procedures running. Through

heavy green investments, the company has calculated its effect to further brand itself

as an ecofriendly firm. Research shows that one month of using Google’s products

now use less energy per user than leaving on a light bulb for three hours. After

considering the company’s renewable energy counterweights it had come down to

zero impact on the environment.  

 With the increasing popularity of climate change and the dangers that come along

with it, consumers are beginning to take preventative and precautious measures by

supporting the “green” concept. Hence, products labeled eco-friendly are more likely

to be wiped off the shelf in a much shorter time than products not dubbed similarly.

For example, Fantasia potato chips, Lebanon’s most famous national chips company,

has reported a 7% increase in yearly revenue as of 2010 after labeling their products

with the eco-friendly stamp. On the...

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