Harrison Bergeron Essay

Harrison Bergeron Essay

"Harrison Bergeron" is a story of a brilliant boy who was abstract and wanted to think for himself in a society that discouraged anything of that nature. Harrison grew up in a very different world where people were made to be entirely and completely equal. No one was allowed to stand out or be exceptionally talented at anything. If someone was smart, they were given earpieces in which distracting sounds came out. This kept them from being able to concentrate on anything for too long. If someone was strong, they were weighed down by steel to keep them weak.

The story was told from the viewpoint of Harrison's dad, George Bergeron, who watched TV with his wife Hazel. Hazel was perfectly average so she had no handicaps, George, who was intelligent, had to wear earphones which disrupted his thinking.

Due to their forced stupidity, they had forgotten about their son Harrison. He was taken away by the HG men. Harrison, age 14, exceptionally gifted, seven feet tall, and outgrowing handicaps faster than the Handicappers General's office could think them up. He was imprisoned for plotting to overthrow the government, he escaped and managed to break free of his handicaps, and into a television studio.

He held up a ballet show and chose a dancer and began to dance with her. The Handicapper General showed up, eventually shooting Harrison and the dancer. Harrison's parents were at home watching this whole thing. However, thanks to the handicaps, they forgot what exactly just happened.

The handicaps are like a tax on the intelligent, strong and fast, but an extra boost for the less fortunate people. This future is unrealistic because we are always being encouraged more and more each day to differ ourselves from the next person.

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