According to the Byzantine historian Procopius's account, high-quality silk production was
A) developed by Byzantine craftsmen by improving the cocoons of wild silkworms.
B) introduced by two Christian monks to the Byzantine empire.
C) introduced to the Byzantine empire through several routes.
D) taught to the Chinese by Byzantine monks.
E) none of the above.
Feedback: Correct. Procopius believed silk worms were brought to the Byzantine Empire by two Christian monks.

2 INCORRECT Throughout most of its history the capital of the Byzantine empire was
A) Byzantion.
B) Constantinople.
C) Byzantium.
D) Istanbul.
E) none of the above.
Feedback: Incorrect. Constantinople was the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

3 CORRECT The term caesaropapism refers to the fact that the Byzantine emperors
A) claimed divine favor and sanction.
B) claimed divine status.
C) claimed half human and half divine status.
D) claimed to be both Roman emperor and pope.
E) none of the above.
Feedback: Correct. The Byzantine emperors believed they ruled with God's authority and were protectors of the church.

4 CORRECT Which of the following was not true of Theodora?
A) She was emperor Justinian's wife, advisor, and aid.
B) She was the daughter of a bear keeper in the circus.
C) She was the dominant political figure of her age, controlling the empire from behind the scenes.
D) She was a former stripper.
E) She advised him to crush a riot in Constantinople.
Feedback: Correct. Theodora supported her husband Justinian but she did not control the empire.

5 INCORRECT Emperor Justinian is best remembered for his
A) plan to destroy Constantinople in order to rebuild it.
B) codification of Roman law, known as Body of the Civil Law.
C) complete reconstitution of the classical Roman empire.
D) decisive victory over the Muslims.
E) all of the above.
Feedback: Incorrect. Justinian was responsible for having the Body of Civil law compiled....

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