Week 5 Assignments CH11 & 12 Internet Exercises 1-2

CH11 Internet Exercises 1-2
a. Find and discuss at least two trends that are occurring in the hotel industry as defined by the consultants on this Web site:

One of the biggest trends is reinvigorating properties more hotels will be renovating lobbies, restaurants, bars and fitness centers, as well as replacing beds, TVs and more. Hotel sales will spur even more renovations since sale contracts always contain a provision requiring the new owner to upgrade the property. Also, half of the travel industry will be using social media as a way of generating revenue and bookings. 

b. Based on the news articles from Hotel Online, along with your current readings in the newspaper, textbooks, blogs, and so on, discuss a trend you believe is impacting the hotel industry and indicate why you think it is important.

The trends for travel is coming back even though we have had a tough economic climate, there is a want to travel at money-saving getaways is boosting. The rate of refinancing of homes has made the travel industry spin in an upward motion. With people now being able to get a lower percentage on their home loans this is enabling them to have more equity as well as more savings letting them spend on leisure’s. In the technology trend we have seen that people posting pictures from around the world inspiring people to travel around the world and see the sights.

a. Browse through the Web sites for the three REITs. What are the similarities and differences among them?

b. Who is the target market for each REIT?

c. What hotels and resorts are in the portfolio for each REIT?

d. Which of the above REITs is/are considered a “paper clip REIT”? How does it differ from a standard REIT?

CH12 Internet Questions 1-2
a. Review both of the above sites. How do the Wyndham Hotel group and Choice Hotel Group position themselves to compete with one...

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