How an Mba Will Advance My Career

How an Mba Will Advance My Career

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How an MBA Will Advance My Career
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How an MBA Will Advance My Career

An MBA in today’s society is a valuable degree to acquire. It can open up many doors to our professional world that are not available without this valuable asset. Currently I am a Technical Support Analyst for a law firm.  I have been in the Information technology (IT) field for 10 years, and have decided to return to school. Therefore, I am getting an MBA to progress in my career, and to help quench my thirst for creativity that my Jungian personality self assessment confirmed I possess.  I would like to discuss how having an MBA helps advance one’s career goals in general, and specifically helps creative people to advance and succeed as well.

IT has been a passion of mine for quite some time.  The possibilities and the power that computers and the internet give to its users are endless. Years of working in fast paced environments have given me the knowledge to succeed in this ever changing industry. In addition, my people and strong communication skills, leadership ability, to go along with a strong interest in business and management, are other factors that will help me to succeed. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that an MBA, with a concentration in technology, is the path to follow.

No matter what career a person plans on pursuing with an MBA, the importance and benefits of having a strong understanding of the technology world also apply. Whether companies specialize in IT or not, they are doing their due diligence to find people with technology skills that can move into intense technical business management areas of concentration (Cone, 2006). Conversely, CIOs that have been polled say that IT professionals who want to climb the corporate ladder should get an MBA (“MBA Tops List of Best Degrees for High Tech Pros.,” 1997). Another survey of 340 CIO s done by Korn/Ferry established that a complete 70% ranked an MBA as an integral...

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