My Decision to Pursue an Mba

My Decision to Pursue an Mba

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My Decision to Pursue an MBA
Korey Williams
University of Phoenix – MGT 521

My Decision to Pursue an MBA
The Job outlook by education 2006-16 (Occupational Outlook Quarterly) explains that “Every additional level of education completed leads to increased earnings and lower rates of unemployment” (Liming & Wolf, 2008). My decision on pursuing an MBA has mainly due to the fact that I will make more money than just holding my Bachelor’s degree, but it is also a personal goal to achieve such a level. This decision has been reinforced after studying the results of this article, as Liming and Wolf (2008) have numerous statistics regarding whether “education or training relates to their job prospects and earnings”.
Why Pursue My MBA
There are many different reasons why a person would choose to pursue an MBA, but I am going to discuss the various reasons why it will help me personally in my career, as well as personal relationships.
Jungian 16-Type Personality
According to the Dynamics of Personality Type “We must understand that we are dynamic – adaptable and responsive to the needs of the moment. We are constantly developing – growing and evolving in relation to the demands place on us” (Berens, 2000). We do know that different personality types are able to adapt and evolve at different levels than others. The Jungian 16-Type Personality assessment, according to the Pearson Education, Inc. (Pearson Prentice Hall), determines your personality type and the type of career best fitted for that personality by asking you a series of questions. My personality type consists of someone who is “people oriented, creative, and highly optimistic, with a possible career as a publicist, research assistant, playwright, restaurateur, columnist or conflict mediator” (Pearson Education Inc., 2007). I have thought of a couple of those types of careers before taking this test, so I believe that it does somewhat ring...

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