Decision-Making: Pursue a Mba

Decision-Making: Pursue a Mba

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Decision-Making: Pursue a MBA
Liliana Pacheco
University of Phoenix
MGT 521
Mike Yesner
November 10, 2008

Decision-Making: Pursue a MBA
Every person has an own style to communicate. How well a person communicates is very important in business and personal live. An effective Interpersonal communication process is sending and receiving information very clear in which the receiver understands the message as the sender intended it. One of the most important factors of communication process is the perception of the message and the sender as well. Based on impressions, people give meaning to something or somebody. As a result, it is important to know how a person is perceived by others which will help to improve the communication style. Personality tests help to determine what is the people’s perception about a person. They are not good predictors of the future since people can develop new skills, change to adapt their behaviors to new situations.
I took the Jungian personality test which helped me to have a better idea on how others perceive me and to get classified in one of the sixteen personality types. This test measures how a person takes in information and make decisions, depending on what the predominant function is, either objective logic or subjective feelings. The test result indicated that I have ENTP personality which characteristics are: innovative, individualistic, versatile, and entrepreneurial (Jung). It also provided some career suggestion as politician, strategic planner , entrepreneur, computer analyst among others. Most of the test results information was accurate. This is a useful tool that provides an idea of those characteristics I was not aware to have and gave me a better understanding how people perceive me.
In 1999, I graduated from Corporacion Universitaria De La Costa with a degree in science and major in Environmental Engineering. I decided to go back to school and...

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