How Can Technology Cause Damage to People?

How Can Technology Cause Damage to People?

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How Can Technology cause damage to people?
In the article "Society is Dead: we have retreated into the I world" the author Andrew Sullivan is talking about hearing music by iPods as we put the headphones in our ears and being isolated far from the whole world and not listening to each other but only listening to the music, the author is a native England with a doctorate in political science from Harvard and is editor of, an online source of commentary on current issues. He also lectures widely and appears frequently on both radio and television programs. The following appeared on Timesonline on February 20, 2005. The author chose the title fits the article because he talks about how these technology make people be in different world

Sullivan is another author talking like this article she. is right about how people being addicted to these technology and they use it per hour and do not get rest or even try to listen to other people words or listen to each other. Also he was mistaken when he said "And by his white wires, he is indicating he does not really want to know you." Music can make people closer to each other because every category of song has lots of fans and they meet together under one type of song and share their hobbies in listening to music.
the author on how he attacks listening to the music, music has many health benefits that used as a therapy like when u listen to a fast beat it makes you concentrate more and more attention than normal because the beats of the song effect the brainwaves and make it work rapidly, also the slow beat make the breathing and heart rate lows because the relaxation, and the music also can be more educational because by music you know different cultures and different traditions.
The idea that I agree with the author when he said that people begin to be addicted to...

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