How Can I Manage My Time as an Sa?

How Can I Manage My Time as an Sa?

How can I manage my time as an SA?

Time management is defined as the smart and proper apportioning of time to a particular work or grouo of works. Indeed, as an SA, managing your time is really important. I have managed to come up with several tips to effectively manage time. Each is thoroughly discussed hereunder.

Foremost, in order for you to effectively manage time, you must be able to come up with a time card or schedule card. What shall be written on the time card is the series of works or workload per se. This would help you remember the things that you are going to do on a specified date. Especially for the minor yet important task, you will be able to perform the activities on time as printed on the card. However, time card cannot be effectively followed if you don't have or rather, you lack discipline. In simpler terms, you must strictly follow the things you have printed on the card. According to Henri Fayol, management theorist, objectives will be very hard to achieve if discipline is not practiced. As an example, entering to school late and frequent absences will deprive you acquiring more knowledge plus a trip to the Office of Students Affairs, and if this is continued, the concerned subjects willa automatically be dropped. This would block your way to focusing the course of your choice at time; thus, objectives, which is to finish the studies,as an example, would likely be harder to achieve.

Efficiency of movements and actions is another way of managing your time effectively. mFrank and Lilian Gilbreth, management theorists and the first persons to use the motion picture films, made a study concerning time and motion by using a microchronometer. According to them, unnecessary movements must be avoided in order to increase productivity. For instance, you are tasked to report on the two offices both located on building B, assuming you are in building A and the distance between building A and B takes you ten minutes to walk. Whatever purpose...

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