How Does the Gambling Effect to the Society?

How Does the Gambling Effect to the Society?

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Gambling is the activity of betting money on an event with an uncertain outcome, with intent of winning additional money. There are many kinds of gambling such as Table games, Pachinko, Slot machine, Video poker, Keno, Card games, Carnival games, Cointossing, Confidence tricks, Dice-based, horse race, football, lottery games. Generally gambling is prohibited in many countries, but in some countries gambling is legalized and brings revenue for the nations. However, gambling almost affect the society negatively. It ruins people life. First of all, make the society’s citizens bad. People, cells of the society, may be changed into anti-social behaviors by compulsive public disorder. They lose their control on gambling and become more aggressive and eager to success; although they knew that the more they betted, the more money they run out of. When a good once addicted to gambling like drugs, spirits or alcohol, they could not control themselves and become other person with negative character due to running into debts. Secondly, committing crimes are increased by gambling. Many researches show that gambling makes gamblers commit crimes increasingly such as robbery, embezzlement, fraud, murders, fighting as they fall into a bad situation. They lose their own wisdom and cannot distinguish whether true or false leading to wrong actions and catastrophic consequences just for earning enough money to clear off their gambling debts. Sometime they can commit suicide also because they cannot solve the problems. Thirdly, it has strong influence the society’s economy badly. Many companies would lose their staff due to gambling. Gamblers spend much time on the games of chance; they do not have enough time and efforts for their careers; Gambling often becomes a habit, as strong as the drink craving, which a man cannot break; and frequently it leads him ruin, which influences the human resources...

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