How to Make French Oinon Soup

How to Make French Oinon Soup

Krista Turconi
ENC 1101, 820
February 2, 2009
Anthony J. Nappi

Restaurant Quality French Onion Soup

Everyone enjoys the delicious irresistible restaurant quality perfection of French onion soup. This soup is even better when enjoyed in the comfort of home, which is fairly simple. There are two main steps to this appetizing treat that make it so irresistible, baking and broiling the topped cheese to perfection and second, successfully pouring the soup into a bowl correctly.

To start, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees. Alongside use a small petite and specifically a stainless steel pan; for the pan is going directly into the oven. Pour the desired amount of any canned French Onion soup into the pan. Next, to whatever availability croutons or a fresh chunk of French bread lay centered on top of the soup, for the bread to allow soak up the flavor. Following, slice fresh provolone cheese and carefully place the thinly sliced provolone cheese on top of the bread for that restaurant quality that I urge. By the time the prepping is completed the oven is ready at the exact temperature, pop the hand skilled soup into the oven for a good 15 minutes. The extra step to making this restaurant gourmet soup is to broil the soup at 500 degrees another two to three minutes creating the edges a toasted brown perfection of gooey cheese toppled over the caramelized onions and soggy bread that is concealed by the cheese.

There is a very necessary second step in the perfection of the restaurant quality soup. This is the retrieving of the scolding hot pan from the oven. It can become quite technical, using baking mitts carefully salvage the pan and slowly pour the soup into a bowl with superb skills. The trick is so that the broth of the soup and caramelized onions will flow under the cluster of perfectly toasted bread and cheese so that the cluster will land lastly on top of the soup for that restaurant quality right at home.

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