How to Make a Perfect Picture?

How to Make a Perfect Picture?

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A picture is worth a million words, but do your pictures leave everyone speechless? You want to make your photographs memorable. The perfect picture may preserve your memories forever but what is required to make your picture hopes a reality. How to choose the right camera for your pictures? How to setup the best shot for your pictures?

The first step in taking memorable photographs is choosing the right camera. Basic choices for some camera types are either film or digital. Professionals claim that film is superior, and they are correct. Film pictures can be quite expensive when considering the cost and time that it takes to develop and print your photos. Digital cameras are more expensive than film cameras but the operating cost of digital is cheap.

Another important consideration for what camera is best suited for your need is; what kind of pictures will you take? The camera’s speed will be very important for any picture in motion. The faster something is moving the faster your camera needs to be capturing it without blurring. The major consideration about which camera to choose is the picture quality. The number of pixels a camera uses to produce a digital photo as just one element in determining the photo quality. Another important element that is usually forgotten is the sensor size.

The second step in taking a memorable photograph is setting up the best shot. Setting up the picture is the hardest part of making memorable photographs. When taking pictures, stay at the same eye level as your subjects. Avoid taking pictures looking down at subjects when possible. Pay attention to the backgrounds of your pictures. Getting closer to subjects is a great way to create impact. Getting closer or zooming in will eliminate distractions and bring out more detail in subjects. Always be aware of light sources. Soft light such as cloudy days makes great pictures when subjects are people. Colors and long shadows of early morning are great for scenic...

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