Human Trafficking essay

Human Trafficking essay

appens next?

After a trafficking victim is identified there are a few things that can happen, all of which depend on what the adult survivor wants. In an emergency setting the patient is identified as a trafficking victim and then the provider calls a help hotline or a social worker (who should contact the help hotline. The patient should be allowed to speak with the person from the hotline if s/he wants to). Then,

if the patient decides to seek escape, the hotline will facilitate such action (an advocate may come to the healthcare facility);
free shelter, clothing, food, healthcare, etc will be provided
TVPA 2005 protects all trafficking victims and allows special visas (T-visas) for international victims (not-US born) if they want to stay
the survivor can choose not to press charges against her/his trafficker at all, can choose to press charges immediately, or at a later date; free legal aid is provided

if the adult patient decides not to seek escape, her/his wishes must be respected; it is possible that they may have another opportunity to escape, still the provider must create an environment and relationship that offers the patient every opportunity to receive help.

7. Police Corruption

This is an unfortunate but real phenomenon of our communities. It is especially unfortunate in circumstances like those that surround human trafficking because the very people who ought to aid trafficked persons cannot always be counted on to help. Sometimes victims have already had prior negative experience(s)7 with law enforcement, which makes them scared of police and, in general, mistrustful of institutions and people that are supposed to help. Because some police receive pay-offs from traffickers to look the other way, providers are not always aware of who can be trusted in their local police departments. Thusly, providers should not call the police when they identify a trafficked person; the...

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