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This week i watched the movie 'the secret' which was an excellent reminder of the easiest possible way to achieve our dreams. The movie relates 'the law of attraction' that states that whatever you think about, you will attract. And it is so simple. All it takes is three easy steps:
1) ask for what you want.
2) the world around you will answer.
3) receive.

But that's too easy, you may say! Here's another description with a bit more information and with an example related to leadership.
Write down, visualize and feel the specific results you want, in the present tense. Use a visual reminder so that you are frequently reminded of your goals.
I have a continuing strong positive motivating influence on the people in my department. (see it. Feel it.) My department's productivity is double what it was last year. (write down the number in a place where you will see it. Know what that would be like.)
You don't need to focus specifically on how this will come about. Relax and expect things to unfold according to your desires.
In order to receive you must in a receptive state. The best way to do this is to think and feel as if you already have what you want.
Feel grateful for the qualities in yourself that allow you to influence others. Feel grateful for the positive qualities of the people in your department that allow them to be productive. Notice and appreciate the opportunities for progress that come up every day.
Every successful person you have ever met uses at least some part of this process in some way. If you want to be persuaded, watch the movie! There is no limit to what you can achieve.

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