Preparation for Ibm India

Preparation for Ibm India

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What is the difference between simple join and left outer join?
1. Write a query to join two tables
2. Write a query to update a table

1. What is retesting and regression testing
2. Explain all the phases in VV methodology
3. What is the testing process in your company
4. Can you explain what is root cause analysis
5. Explain about defect prevention techniques
6. How many test cases u written and executed approximately in your current project
7. What r check points
8. How good r u in scripting language
9. If a test case is executing in manual testing and getting an error while executing in QTP so what do you think where is the problem
10. If two objects are same then how do you identify them? (Smart O. ID)
11. What are the different types of frame works
12. ….
13. …

1. Which commands u use in your project
2. How do you use the command
3. How do you change the permissions of a file and directory
4. …
5. …. I did not remembered 4th and 5th questions

2nd Round

1. Can you explain your experience
2. Which phase is your current project going on
3. Can you explain a test case which you written recently and executed recently
4. Can you explain a defect which you raised recently
5. Do you have any Certifications like ISTQB or any
6. What is project plan and strategy and explain clearly about project plan.
7. what r you expecting from IBM
8. How much time do you need to join if u r selected
9. preferred Location and package

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