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This report describes about the “LG Group” in details. This report gives the full information about the LG group. In this report the strategy, history, company’s assets, current issues, strengths, weakness, analysis of company strategy and the issues on which the company need an attention is clearly described in this below report. As the LG group is one of the largest organisation and deal with the number of products and operations I have given main focus on the electronics and chemicals divisions of the company.

I Introduction
1.1 Executive summary..........
1.2 History of the Company
1.3 Major Products and Services of the Company
2.1 Strategic and Challenges of the Company
2.2 Appropriate industry conditions
2.3 Porter's Five Forces
3.1 Current strategy
3.2 Aims of strategy
3.3 Corporate, Business Unit and Global
4.1 Evaluation of the Company is positioned effectively to exploit the company strength.
4.2 SWOT Analysis
4.3 Organisational Structure
4.4 Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1 Bibliography


Executive Summary:
LG Group is one of the largest affiliated with more then 50 companies. LG Group is one of the largest industries dealing with the main three major products of its company viz., electronics, chemicals and telecommunication and services. The main area of the company where the major operation of the company is carried on is in North America, Europe, China and Asia. By this we can say that the company has its impact in major parts of the world. The head quarter of the company is located in Seoul South Korea. The company provides employment to 160,000 peoples who are working in the firm of the company in all around the world. By this we can estimate the organisation of the company and its size. The sales of the companies has reached to its peak in the year 2007 i.e. around 94 trillion KRW which shows the companies growth in the global market. The company is doing an...

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