Ice Age Year 2050

Ice Age Year 2050

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The future looks bleak, as the earth fights back, to the torture inflicted by mass commercial production, sucking ozone. It is not just an epidemic waiting to combust 32 years from now, the effects are already occurring.

Arctic ice is disappearing swiftly, and an ice free summer is well on its way, expected in year 2050. That is plenty of time to re-coup our environment back to living standards. As to increase prevention of current climate change, needs awareness, that’s the maximum input seen possible. The impacts will be minimal, and even if they do become drastic, it is not the governments fault. It is up to individuals in the community. The government does everything it can, with Tax deductions on water tanks and solar panels. Now why are those not used to the larger extent? The government collects more money from petrol and electricity. It is not going down well with major car companies wanting nothing but petrol powered cars, in fear of factory construction change. Which they aren’t confident in and believe looses money, but in fact would gain so much more, not only economically but ecologically. No the government spends excessive amounts on researching the chemicals polluting the Earth’s atmosphere (When we already know the answer!) and finding alternative solutions to energy production. There is no sign of wide scale independent enforcement. The Netherlands being the lead in wind power energy, a renewable eco friendly source. Australia is lacking, and suffering for it, as a sub-tropical climate unexpected weather patterns are common, though the temperature shifts all over the globe are phenomenal and are set to rise. This upheaval and commotion is all due to global warming.

The wildlife is suffering; polar bears are drowning from lack of ice and increase of water. By 2050 Millions of species will be extinct worldwide. Sea levels rising mean Cities will be flooded. There are many movies on global warming which put fear in people, because it...

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