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This essay will discuss two ideological perspectives. An explanation of how these perspectives underpin social policy will also be discussed. The essay will identify a social problem and examples of the way these perspectives explain the causes of and solutions to the social problem will be discussed. Finally a summary evaluation will be included to form the conclusion of the essay.

The first ideological perspective to be discussed, which has influenced social policy is Conservatism. Conservatism prefers a smaller to a no role at all for the state to play and promotes free market economic policies. This means that the government should not interfere to protect any interest and that market forces will determine which company is successful. Conservatives believe that, with everybody competing in an open market place, services, goods and the economy as a whole will improve in its quality and efficiency. Critics of conservatism would say that there is no safety net for those who lose out in the capitalist system, those who do not own the resources of production and can only work to be rewarded. Opportunities are usually within certain sects of society in a laissez faire (leave alone) approach. With the state taking a small role, conservatism usually works hand in hand with private healthcare and education sectors, which for those who earn a low income is hard to obtain. (Heywood, 1992) (Leach, 2008), (Alcock, Payne, Sullivan, 2004)

The second ideological perspective is Classic Liberalism, (19th /20th century) was similar to this in many ways, believing in free trade, and demanding the end of protectionism. It could be argued that the advent of liberalism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century was only a front for the merchant class, enclosing everyone's rights as 'free men' while imprisoning them by the adverse effects of a capitalist system. Liberalism, according to Britain and USA changed in meaning through the world wars period, mainly due to...

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