Educational Ideologies

Educational Ideologies

Education Studies

EDU 224
From Vision to Reality


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Session 1:
An introduction to ideologies and contemporary thinkers

An educational ideology is viewed as any package of educational ideas held by a person or a group about formal arrangements for education (Mattheson, 2007, p. 21). Every person has their own education ideology of how learning should be within schools, whether you are a teacher, a parent or a Member of Parliament, all ideologies can be categorised into three classifications; ideologies that emphasise the individual, which is child centred, where the needs and interests of the learner are central to all educational ideas. Ideologies that emphasise society, this is an emphasis on producing workers with the qualities required to benefit society and ideologies that emphasise knowledge, the focus of formal knowledge arranged in subjects (Bartlett & Burton, 2007, p. 24). My own educational ideology emphasises the individual as I believe that all students should be seen as an individual with unique needs and strengths within their lessons, I strongly agree with an child centred ideology as if students believe to have a self-belonging in school this will improve their motivation and self-efficacy, which according to Maslow Hierarchy of Needs (2012) will aid students in reaching their full potential. I disagree with societal and knowledge based ideologies as I firmly believe children should find school an enjoyable experience, where they are challenged and set to succeed in the fields they choose, and not get pushed towards skills and facts just because it is on the National Curriculum, which would result in everyone coming out of school the same as everyone else.

There are myriad contemporary thinkers who believe to have the answer that will create one of the best education systems in the world; the current education system was set in place by...

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