Illegal Immigrat

Illegal Immigrat


A major problem that Mexico has been encountering over time, would be the number of illegal immigration, or people crossing the border without true papers to get to the America States for better jobs or due to the poverty and hunger in Mexico. This is a problem in America since it brings in people who won’t pay taxes, take jobs, takes more consumption, and place, which might resault in over population if it comes to the extremes and most of them (over 54%) come from Mexico.

A reason why people leave Mexico to go to the U.S.A, would be because they are simply too poor to be able to cover enough money to pay for their homes and food, which is the basic necessity to live. Many people who immigrate, are people who come from poor districts and who cannot find jobs since Mexico s too overpopulated and so they would go to America’s states to be able to start a new life and get a job to pay for them and their families.

To stop people from jumper over the border line illegally, the government has bought borderline security to a higher standard and hired more people to guard it. He has also made sure that papers are to be well looked upon to be certain that they are real, and possible track down, but mostly, the security of the borderline is what the government is working on. This is due to people even paying other’s (named smugglers or coyotes) who are complete professional in this domain, to get them across the border safely with different methods, and finding out these methods will help them built it more secured. They also send out people to track these men down and get it all out of them or under covered policemen.

Therefore, immigration helps people in general when they don’t have the lifestyle they want such as not being able to find jobs or suffering from poverty, and trying to find it in America, but it doesn’t help the government and the country itself. The government has tried to stop this with border enforcement and paper...

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