Imagine I Am a Beggar

Imagine I Am a Beggar

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I am 11 years old now. I am one of the child beggars on this street. I have been a beggar for 3years. One of my dreams is that I will not be a beggar anymore after my 12th birthday. It is because when I am 12 years old, I can be a child labor and earn money for my family and schooling fees instead of begging others for money. My mother always extols me as a good child that I am considerate and tolerant. She thinks it is her pleasure that I am her daughter. We live together happily although we are poor.

I lived in a small wooden house with my mother in countryside. My father died when I was only 5 years old. I nearly forget his appearance. The most impressive thing of him is his warm hands, which he used to work for money. It is because before he died, he had caught my hand and told me to take care of my mother. My mother is very weak. She always suffers from diseases, and so she cannot work for many hours a day. We only have little income. As a result, my family could not afford my tutor fees when I had just finished primary 2. I could do nothing but earning money by myself. However, I was only eight years old that no one was willing to employ me. The only way that I could earn money was being a beggar, and my beggar life started.

As a beggar, I do not receive any respect from people. My feeling is not good at all. They may treat me impolitely. I have met a drunken man, he pulled me onto the floor as he though I have blocked his way. I was hurt. However, I did not tell my mother. I do not want her to worry me. Also, I believe if she knows that, she will not allow me to beg for money anymore. In fact, although my feeling is not good, I do not mind how people treat me. I clearly know that I have to beg as much money as I can, so that my mother does not need to work so hard and she can have more rest.

Besides being treated rudely, I am jealous of others. When I beg on the street, I can meet lots of people. Sometimes when I see people wearing beautiful...

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