Improve the Reputation of the Media to Improve the Competitiveness of the Media

Improve the Reputation of the Media to Improve the Competitiveness of the Media

Improve The Reputation of The Media To Improve The Competitiveness of The Media

The media's reputation can be understood as the audience's trust and authority of the media and media content. It is the biggest magic weapon to win more audience, and is the largest of intangible assets of the media industry. Media’s reputation is the key factor to win in market competition, and also the most important foundation to built good influence. At the same time, it also plays a leading role in Chinese media industry on the premise and guarantee. On the basis of a good reputation of the media, social and economic benefits of the media can achieve a perfect combination.

Because of China’s rapid development in the broadcasting industry and the big competition pressure among news media, the media must set a good image of themselves to raise the audience’s reputation in the media in order to win audience and more market share.

China's news media's role is to be the mouthpiece of the party and the people, bear the responsibility to guide public’s opinions correctly.Only when the media’s reputation arrive a certain level, the news media can play the role of this.
As a result, in the period of content is king, news reporters and editors must defend the media’s reputation, make objective, fair and real, comprehensive the basic principles in the news reporting process.

To establish a good reputation of the media can do the following three aspects.

First of all, the media must pay attention to the social care. Media must stand on the position of the general public, concerned about the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people; care to disadvantaged social groups; to be equal to face the readers and audiences.

May 12, 2008, Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province occurred in the 7.8 earthquake, at 2:28 p.m. After the disaster, people through the media to find out the changes in the disaster timely, and also through the media informed of the party and government...

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