In Analysing a Movie

In Analysing a Movie

Analysis 1

ENG 225
Introduction to Film
Professor Beller
Charlene Davis
November 16, 2008

Analysis 2

In order to make an analysis of a movie it is like asserting your opinion. Each and every one of us will see things in a different light, there for the analysis of a movie will be different for each and every person that sees a movie.
When I am watching a movie, the first thing that I consider is whether or not there is a story line, or plot. Does the movie catch my attention? If I decide to watch a movie and within the first ten minutes I am looking for a chore to do or a book to read then I know that it is not a movie that I will be able to watch and analyze. I like to watch a movie that is going to grab hold of me and not let me go until I get to the very end. When I watch a movie and it does that for me then making an analysis of that movie is going to be much easier.
I want to watch a movie where the setting is active and not dull and boring. I enjoy watching a movie that has plenty of color and the scenes fit within the storyline. It would be like watching the Titanic with the setting made on an island or on one of the ice burgs in the ocean; it would not be the same as the movie being filmed on a ship in the ocean. If the scenes fit the movie, then it is much easier to decide how you will feel about that particular movie. Actors are chosen for their experience and how they will fit into a particular role. If you have two characters and they do not work together very well or their “chemistry” is not right then they are not able to make a scene work in the manner that the writer wants to portray. It would be like casting say Bruce Willis in the role of Peter Pan, it would just not fit, and Robin Williams was the perfect person for that part....

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