Injustice Term Paper

Injustice Term Paper

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Bullying: An Injustice

Liam P. Bannon

Writing 421, Block A
Ms. MacDonald
December 9th, 2008
Bullying by definition is the assertion of power through aggression. (Bullying Facts) Though it takes many forms it often has the same result in the end, and this result is often not good. Bullying can appear in many forms such as name calling, hurtful teasing, humiliation, threats, racist comments, sexual harassment, gossiping, and damaging friendships. (Dorrel) As children experience school it is imperative that they understand that if one is not a bully one is destine to encounter it at least a couple times during their years at school. Bullying is a major problem in schools and other places around the world we must take action to make sure it is reduced.
Bullying affects people in many different ways. If not by physical roughing a person could be affected psychologically also, for example. If one is constantly questioning one’s self worth because a bully is picking on someone then one is going to think something is wrong with him or herself. Some kids who are bullied become angry in return and explode with all the build up of stress caused by bullying. Someone who is bullied at school is often distracted from one’s school work and may experience a decline in grades. All these situations are commonly found on society’s playgrounds, households, and war zones.
Bullying is such an extreme problem for some individuals that some people feel the only other option that they can take is suicide. In November 10th, 2000 a girl named Dawn-Marie Wesley took her own life because she could not take the bullying anymore. This shows the extent that bullying can take on some people such as Dawn-Marie Wesley. (Alphonso, Globe and Mail)
A big portion of bullying takes place at schools. In fact, bullying occurs on playgrounds every seven minutes and once every twenty five minutes in classrooms. (Bullying Facts) Taunting on the playground, extreme peer pressure,...

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