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Week 5 Final Assignment
Jack Harrison
Ashford BUS201: Principles of Management
Cassandra Hanes
October 27, 2008

Over the years, many companies and the US military have adopted the many management systems. The success of these systems varies from very successful to limited success. Anyone involved with one of these companies have become quite familiar with some of the terms, philosophy and catch phases of the various systems. The foundation or purpose of these systems is to make the organization more successful. Great amounts of efforts and money have been invested in developing and adopting these systems. The goal of this paper is to explore some of these systems, find the similarities, and to gain an understanding of the general philosophy of these systems. Upon reading this paper, hopefully one will be have a better understanding the Japanese management systems.

Philosophies- Strategies
In researching the Japanese culture and it relationships to many different management styles or philosophies, one must have an understanding of the different basic philosophies. There are many different philosophies that one could explore; however, this paper will deal only with a few different philosophies. One must keep in mind that these philosophies are separate studies in themselves, in which one could spend a lifetime to completely understanding and exploring them. To the Japanese these philosophies are often not only business strategies but also way of life for individuals to improve themselves.
The three basic philosophies that will be explored are Muda, Kaizen and Kyosei.
Muda is considered a bad thing, roughly, it is waste. Muda is not just wasted materials, but with wasted energy. It explores wasted steps in production, in which employees efforts could be more efficient at completing tasks differently or working on other tasks. It deals with wasted efforts and processes. For example if a manufacture order more stock then is...

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