Inside Intel Inside

Inside Intel Inside

´╗┐Marketing Management

Name: Yao-Jen, Tsai UID: 2021276543 Date: 9/29/2015

1. A description of what you believe to be the key marketing issue(s)/challenge(s) facing this organization, and justification in 2-3 sentences (5 points)

Although Intel is still the leader of microprocessor in PC industry, nowadays the mainstream of electronic products has been transfer to portable electronic products from desktop computers and laptop, and Intel relatively late to enter the mobile market, so the competitiveness of Intel is lower than other companies such as TI, Qualcomm, and Samsung in cell phone chipset market. Even though Intel cooperates with Microsoft to develop mobile phones, their products still can't defeat Apple phones and other Android phones in short term because Apple phones and Android phones got most of the market share of mobile phone. In addition, Intel intends to extend their brand, but the potential risk is that they will dilute the brand in some way.


2a.The pros and cons of alternative solution 1 to address these marketing issues/challenges.
2b.The pros and cons of alternative solution 2 to address these marketing issues/challenges.
Status quo or doing nothing is not an option. Be sure to consider ALL relevant environmental variables: sociocultural, technological, economic, demographic, natural, regulatory (legal), political, and competitive. (10 points)

2a. The solution of first issue I recommend is that, in this time, it is not necessary for Intel to make every effort to enter mobile phone industry. Intel has a great reputation in CPU industry, but in the field of mobile phone CPU, the advantage of high efficiency also represents high power consumption. Therefore, I think Intel should focus on their original business such as microprocessor and flash memory, then create a new sub-brand to develop mobile chips because the problem of...

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