Intel Inside Branding

Intel Inside Branding

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Marketing Management

3rd case study
December 2009

Intel Inside
“A brand is a name, symbol, logo, design or image, or any combination of these, which is designed to identify the product or service. A successful brand is an identified product, service, person or place, augmented in such a way that the buyer or user perceives relevant unique, sustained added value that matches their needs most closely.”
Approximately eighty per cent of the world’s personal computers consist of Intel’s microprocessors. However amazing the market share, the more astonishing story relies in the fact that there are no Intel computers! In the following paper I shall present the “Intel Inside” campaign and its well achieved ingredient branding.
First, a few words about Intel. Intel is a world leader in silicon innovation and a global manufacturer of silicon chips. The corporation aims at developing technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how people work and live. Founded in 1968 to build semiconductor memory products, Intel introduced the world's first microprocessor in 1971. Today, Intel enjoys a worldwide reputation and owns the fifth strongest brand in the world. During 2008, Intel’s revenues accumulated to approximately 38 billion U.S. dollars .
Not many years ago, if you mentioned the word "microprocessor" people would likely not understand what you are talking about. Back in 1992, few mainstream consumers knew anything about the processor, even though it was the "brain" that powered the computer. But today many personal computer users can recite the specification and speed of the processor; just like car owners can tell you if they have a V4, V6 or V8 engine. The awareness of "Intel" has grown along with the awareness of the chip, and today is associated with "technology leadership," "quality" and "reliability."
“The power of the brand is in what resides in the mind of the consumer. “
You can credit this huge success to the...

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