Integration Versus Generic Approach

Integration Versus Generic Approach

How to Complete Your Economic Hardship Deferment Request
Step 1: Complete Section 1
Provide the requested information for identifying your account. If the information has already been pre-filled, update your information as appropriate.

Step 3: Complete Section 3
Sign and date the form.

Step 4: Gather Your Documentation
Use the Documentation to Include with Request table below to determine the necessary documents you’ll need to include along your deferment request.

Step 2: Complete Section 2
Review the qualifications for an Economic Hardship Deferment in Section 6. Then, provide the date your deferment should begin – this is usually the date you became eligible for the deferment. Below the date, check the qualifying condition box that applies to you. If you checked box (4), use this table to confirm that your monthly gross income is less than the poverty level based on your family size.
Poverty Level Based on Family Size
If your family size is… 1 2 3 4 Then your monthly gross income must be less than… $1,436.25 $1,938.75 $2,441.25 $2,943.75

Step 5: Send us Your Application
When you’ve completed the forms and attached any necessary documentation, send us your application. Our mailing address and fax numbers are provided below. Consider faxing the form to speed up processing time. Fax is commonly available at your public library, or from a copy center like Fed Ex or the UPS Store.

Add $502.50 for each additional person in your family.

Documentation to Include with Request
If the qualifying condition you checked in Section 2 is… (1) You have Direct or Perkins loans in deferment. (2) You receive federal or state public assistance. Then please include… A deferment acceptance letter for your Direct or Perkins loans A current (less than 30 days old) benefits determination letter, or other official documentation listing your name, social security number, your eligibility dates and the type of public assistance you receive A recently dated...

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