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NCRCC – Teeing Up a New Strategic Direction
Today’s managers have an increasing need to take the assistance of scientific methods to help them make a decision. A management dilemma often triggers the need for a decision. More often not, this need for a decision marks the beginning of the research process. The origin, selection, statement, exploration, and refinement of the management question is the most critical part of the research process. One way this particular research can be done is by using the management-research question hierarchy. Cooper and Schindler (2014) state, “the process is designed to move the researcher through various levels of questions, each with a specific function within the overall business research process” (p.112). The steps of the management-research question hierarchy are as follows: management dilemma, management question, research questions, investigative questions, measurement questions and management decision.

Build the management –research question hierarchy, through the investigative questions stage. Then compare your list with the measurement questions asked.

The first step in the management research question hierarchy is management dilemma. During this step the researcher addresses the mangers concerns. Identifying management dilemma is frequently quite easy. “However, choosing one dilemma on which to focus may be difficult” (2014, p.77). The NCR Country Club should not have an issue choosing the management dilemma. The management dilemma NCR Country Club is faced with is new membership needs to be increased to support the renovated facility. After deciding the management dilemma, the NCR Country Club needs to move to the next step which is coming up with the management questions. According to Cooper and Schindler (2014), “management questions are the restatement of the management dilemma in question form” (p.112). It is important to make sure the management questions are clearly defined. In this case the...

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