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Kevin ball
Period 1

Constitution saves us from tyranny

How did the constitution guard us from tyranny? The constitution guarded us from tyranny by having laws of federalism. Also the constitution strongly recommended the separation of power. Along with separation of power the law of checks and balances follow. In addition to those laws there is something called big states vs. small states.
To begin, federalism is what separates the different advantages of the states and central government. Central government has advantages like the power to declare war or provide the country with an army and navy. The states have powers like establishing schools and to pass marriage laws and divorce laws. The states have limited power because they make decisions for their state not for the whole state like the central government. On the other hand the states and central government have shared powers for example, they both can make and enforce laws, and they can also set up courts and tax people.
In addition, the separation of power includes three branches the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The legislative branch is vested in a...

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